My Mental Health Journey 💚 Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day!


Part of my own mental health journey has been learning that sometimes our brains put us into a shameful box, feeling like you’re the only one that is going through something. In one of my last posts I mentioned my struggle in school, and that pressure from my teachers and the system didn’t help!


Today I want to take a moment to share some of my struggles with you. 💚


Kristina standing with hands on head


Did you know…


👉 I’ve been diagnosed with learning disabilities & ADHD.

👉 I was so depressed my freshman year of college, I couldn’t get out of bed or eat a meal.

👉 When winter rolls back around, so does my seasonal depression.

👉 I’m an HSP (highly sensitive person), so stimulation and other’s emotions impact me.


I couldn’t have made it to where I am today without a strong team of support through therapists and healers.


Hell, I’m not even sure I’d be alive without them.


It is ok, to not be ok. 💚


Some people are still subscribed to the stigma that therapy is for the “weak” and that’s bull 💩! 🤦‍♀️


To really look inward, facing the feelings and experiences that are preventing you from living your full life, you HAVE to be strong. Therapy is no place for the weak, and anyone that’s healed will tell you that. It’s intense, exhausting, and sometimes scary. But so, so worth it!


Brene Brown says, “You can’t have bravery or courage without vulnerability.”


I’ve found that talking about my experiences with professionals and friends has helped me become stronger, more accepting of myself, and able to find tools to help me get the most out of what I want in life.


Many days aren’t perfect, but the truest form of strength is when we can accept who we are entirely, so when times are difficult, we allow ourselves to truly express, feel, and heal. 🌈


If you are suffering in any way, or even just wish you could be happier, this is your sign. There is hope, and you can find new strength. This is your one precious life. Take one step today. Don’t go through another day alone.


I love every single one of you with my whole being.


Cheers to your success,


Kristina xo

Founder of Moroccan Magic Beauty
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  • October 10, 2022

    Thank you for your share and for speaking to the important role of therapy and healing in living a wholesome life.

    Therapy as a modality has been beaten up a bit by coaches marketing their business on social media – claiming that therapy is taking too long or does not produce results compared to their method.

    However as a therapist and coach myself I would argue that one can’t rush healing and often coaching is able to help so fast someone because of the foundational growth they gained in therapy.

    There are of course more or less effective therapies in any given time in one’s life, and it’s important to seek out the tribe of healers that are most potent in aiding one’s progress .

    So again, thank you for your transparent post and for encouraging women in business to get support when needed.

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