The education system failed me. But look at me now! 😈😇

Seeing me for who I am now, you’d never guess that…


The Education System deemed me a failure. 😡 HOWEVER I became a 7 figure Entrepreneur and changed the narrative! 😉 So what happened in my trajectory to get me here instead of giving up? Let’s get into it!


Kristina with Flowers

I felt like an outcast. I felt stupid. 🙈


No biology test, memorization of history dates, no rote amount of Spanish dialogue, no SAT scores truly measured my zone of genius, or how quickly my brain thought, or how I could see things differently. My unique perspectives on why the curriculum should be taught differently or ways to strengthen an assignment were met with disregard and lack of serious consideration.


I tried to speak up. 


But Our school system in the US didn’t care about me. In fact, it didn’t know what to do with me. 


My mind was different from what they saw as “right” or what they considered a “good student.” I was given all the red F’s and D’s on my papers. I was moved into lower reading groups with a teacher sitting at the table with us like a babysitter. 


It was mortifying and humiliating. When attempting to do math, knowing that my brain couldn’t retain it, all I could think, during my most formative years, was that I must be stupid. 


Okay, you can stop giving me a pity party now. 😂 Because the truth is, I never gave up. The truth is now…


♥️ I love my brain. 

♥️ I love the way it sees hidden opportunities that others don’t.

♥️ I love that it has a clever bird’s eye view of the whole picture and is always assessing and evaluating better ways to do things

♥️ I love that it is a never ending source of amazing ideas and concepts.

♥️ I love that it has the energy & focus to always be learning.

♥️ I love that it has a way of holding several things at once, seeing into the future, and making smart adjustments in real time. (I have one of the highest Tetris game scores out of anyone I know because my brain allows me to see the next 3 moves while working on the 1st. That is how quickly my brain works.) 🤩

♥️ I love that I connect well with others and help to make complex things simple and fun. (Like how to be healthier, happier, more balanced and successful on your own terms!)

♥️ I love that I get to have a daily practice of pre-priming, creating my own reality & focusing on thoughts that align with who I am and who I am becoming.

♥️ I love that I have the ability to create strong communities for women to connect, support & uplift each other. I love the energy and container these spaces hold.


And the reason why I state these things so strongly, to myself & to others, and share the journey I’ve found myself on – the reason and how I feel so strongly and passionately about my calling to build my empire, is because most of my life, I felt dumb. 🙃


Now, to be surrounded by like minded women who can see and share in my brilliance, some who even want to learn from me, has saved me. Awakened me to become who I always was inside, but thought was wrong, for almost 2 decades. 


And it’s also true that sometimes the little kid in me wishes I could share my resume, where I am today, with those teachers who failed me and saw me as a loser, stupid, or different.


Every sold-out launch. Every new national retailer who picks up the product that I created. Every award won. Winning next to our billion dollar pharma competitors. Growing Boston Business Women to become the #1 hub for female Entrepreneurs in America…


But instead, I’ll stay here with you. With the people who help me stay tuned in on my why. For our group and community.


Thank you for letting me share my heart here.


I want to know…What is YOUR why? What sparked your entrepreneurial journey? What was that turning point in your life that made you say, “don’t believe me? Just watch.” 🎤


Comment below or email us at (Or post in the FB Group. 🙌)


Cheers to your success,


Kristina xo

Founder of Moroccan Magic
and Boston Business Women



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  • September 30, 2022

    Great post! It is a misnomer that being labelled a success in school would make someone a success in business. They are completely different animals. I devote Brilliant Way #22 in my book Feel More Alive to this topic..

    Schools are pretty much preparing folks for the modern day assembly line. If you want to be part of that, then all is well. If you have different aspirations, the fit can be totally misaligned.

    Once I left the corporate grind, my mind started coming up with programs people might appreciate. Some folks thought I was crazy to even offer these things as they were in 2006, a good deal ahead of the curve.

    I just continued down my path …

    Thank you!


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