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Lauren Bradley

Industry: Health & Wellness



I truly believe as high-achieving women, we can do it all. We can run the show at work and at home, we can have really solid relationships and we can be in control of our health. And it's my job to show you how it's done!

As a holistic health coach and nutritionist, I’ve helped hundreds of high-achieving women become stronger, both mentally and physically, through exercise and simple nutrition strategies.

I’ve made it my mission to help my clients take away the stress brought on by feeling like they need to do everything “perfectly” when it comes to their health. Instead, I teach my clients to implement simple, actionable and life-changing steps that actually work.

And this all came about because of my own food fear and body image issues.

After going on diet after diet for 15 years of my life and endlessly trying to lose weight, I developed body image issues and a severe binge eating habit. I finally hit a point where I had enough. The diets weren’t working, the hours of exercise weren’t doing me any good and I realized I had to try something different. I set out on a mindset journey that changed how I looked at, and thought about, food, my body and my self-worth. It was single-handedly the most important thing I’ve done for myself thus far and I’ve made it my mission to help my clients do the same. And now, I teach my clients to do the same!