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Alisha Phipps

Industry: Coaching



On paper it looked like Alisha was living the dream: successful career, traveling the country, and helping a lot of people, but she was anxious, stressed, miserable and on the brink of massive burnout. After spending 10 years at a fast-paced, high growth corporate job, the effects of the chronic stress started to take hold. She was riddled with anxiety, which robbed her of her happiness and most importantly, her inner peace. However, deep inside Alisha realized she would have to make a major change to save her health and her sanity. She found the courage to take a leap of faith to realign herself to her most authentic life. Alisha is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health &Life Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her primary focus is helping women conquer their inner critic, breakthrough anxiety, activate their confidence, and live in harmony and balance in their everyday lives.