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Shira Brenner

Industry: Accounting Banking and Financial Services


I am here to light your fire, help you remember just how spectacular, worthy and POWERFUL you are, and collaborate through spiritual guidance to create the life you crave with all of that passion and confidence steering the way. I am an Intuitive. A soul-led astrologer. A healer. An energy alchemist. A truth speaker. An eating disorder recovery warrior and former perfectionist, integrating the tough parts of life with the joyous ones. A master of breaking through emotional blocks and getting the good juju to come rushing in. A novice surfer and a dance party starter. With incredible success, I follow the phases of the moon and stars as my personal happiness navigation system. I believe in the power of Palo Santo and I read Tarot cards. I love adventure and nature and how these things change us at a cellular level. I am a human being doing my best to be the realest I can be while showing up authentically through it all. I am the Founder and guide of All Access, an online membership portal of woo-woo-dom. You can expect tarot, astrology, meditation, yoga, and dance classes with your magical monthly membership.