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Susan Tripi

Industry: Coaching


Licensed REALTOR® | CDC Certified Divorce Coach® | CDC Transition and Recovery Coach® | Mind Body Somatic Coach | Selfcare & Somatic Awareness Practitioner | Mindful Living & Motivational Speaker.

Living from a deeply aligned center, my purpose is to advance the position, equity, and value of every woman, in personal and professional spheres. Why? Because I believe that women can be any (and all) of what they desire to be regardless of the messages internalized from family, culture, or faith traditions.

In my capacity as a Realtor®, my passion is educate single and professional women in the areas of real estate planning and acquisition to help them leverage a diverse wealth generating portfolio to fuel their dreams, passions, and philanthropy.

In my role as a Women's Empowerment Coach, I guide women through unexpected life transitions by creating space for them to find their way while defining a new life for themselves. Inspiring clients to view life’s curveballs and challenges as opportunities to learn and shift into deeper alignment with their purpose and values. This approach helps them to shed the labels, own their voice, and step into their power in order to create a life that is in alignment with their goals, dreams, and passion.