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Industry: Education


My name is Alicia Jno-Baptiste. I have been working in childcare since I was 13 years old. When I went to college for business then I started working at a daycare center. I noticed that the children at this center were more educated than the children in my neighborhood and I wanted to know why. This led me on the journey into early childhood education.

I started working at Wee Care JP as the director. I was hired by two parents that brought the building and school because their kids went there. I was hired in Oct 2004 and I started Wee Care JP for them and worked here for 10 years. When The couple decided to do other things with their life, they gave me the opportunity to buy Wee Care JP and the building.

Today I have a staff of 10 amazing women and 1 maintenance man. I currently have 30 kids in my program I am licensed for 36, since I was having had a time filling those other 6 spots due to Covid, I just changed one of my areas in a classroom to fill it with remote learners. Building and running Wee Care JP and been an amazingly humbling experience.