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Sylvia Sarkisyan

Industry: Real Estate

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After 8 years in the database marketing field servicing fortune 100 and 500 companies, I wanted to put my analytical skills to use locally. I moved around quite a bit in Greater Boston bouncing from one town to the next. Before I knew it, I had learned all the backroads and small little shops in every town and connected the dots. I am now in my forever home in Nahant, MA with ocean views and small town charm but LOVE heading into the city to enjoy the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life.

Getting into real estate from a corporate world was interesting. There was less organization and training that I would have expected in a new job. I was fortunate enough to have a broker that took me on as an assistant to learn the ropes while I gained business on the side. I did not last long in the assistant role and quickly took the ropes on my own after 3 months. My first deals were with trust colleagues from my past career and my business began to grow. It was always a passion to grow a business on my own. As a college student I had dreams of owning a coffee shop that somehow gave back to the community. I realize I can apply the same aspirations to real estate.

Real Estate evens the playing field. It is a means to build a fortune for anyone looking to intelligently dabble in it. I love the opportunity that housing brings. At a basic level, it is a shelter and place lie your head down at night, it is an investment stepping stone to get to your next bigger house, it is a home in which it grow a family or care for other loved ones, it is a gathering place for friends, it is an investment portfolio to increase wealth. Housing is many things but in all circumstances it is a vehicle that brings stability.

After years in the business, I knew starting a new company was the new attainable dream. I obtained my broker's license and started immediately on the process to create Ebb & Flow Realty Co. Located in the North Shore, we service all of Boston and North Shore. From luxury home sellers, to first time home buyers, to the savvy investor. My husband, being in construction, and I have also started to construct our investment plans in real estate. We know it is about the numbers. My analytical background has allowed me to build investment models where I plug and play the numbers to see which investments make sense and which do not. It also allows me to advise my clients on the properties they are purchasing. We dive into the housing data trends to see where the market has been and where it is trending for the future. Understanding numbers gives me a little advantage. I saw numbers changing in appreciation trending long before shifts in the market hit the news. It is being on top of the market that makes our company stand out. We seek by both experience and data, to advocate for our clients and ensure they spend the least amount in costs, gain the most amount in equity and ensure that they meet their long term real estate goals.

Ebb & Flow Realty Co. is a boutique real estate firm in Marblehead. Our mission is to make financial success available to everyone by way of real estate. We do this by being real estate advisers and advocates before and long after our clients have purchased and sold real estate with us. In order to provide high level service to our clients, we focus our efforts on creating a culture full of support and training for our staff and agents. In addition to a focus on thorough training opportunities and career advancement we also believe in giving back to our community with our Do More Campaign. Every transaction ends in a donation and we actively seek to find community service opportunities for our company and clients to participate alike and take client feedback in their passions for community service. Being apart of the community is important to us and giving back as we grow is a passion.