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Pooja Vishal

Industry: Food and Beverage


Hi, Pooja here, A little about me... Am a Fashion Designer, An Interior Designer, Sensible Shopoholic (if I may say that), Perfume collector, Tasteful about little beautiful things, Devoted to creativity in every genre, A head over heels in love with a partner in all my crimes - My Husband, A mother of two Divas. The CEO of my house, & Now the Founder of my new found love... Allow me to introduce you to the world of Urban Spice World. Cooking for me has always been more than just a tasty little creation, It is the way you treat yourself with what you deserve after an exhausting day. Urban Spice World is my Celebration, and I would love to rejoice that with the World! This is a place for us to celebrate diversity by sharing and learning about culture both near and far, through food. As an adventurous home cook, I was inspired by the curious, adventurous, and creative soul within me. I was constantly seeking to discover new places, re-ignite past memories, or carry on my cultural legacies. Urban spice world embodies this spirit.