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Suzy Ohannessian

Industry: Health and Wellness


I have been an educator and training facilitator by trade and hobby researcher for over 20 years, and am most recently an advocate for natural and holistic well-being, specifically in the area of CBD (cannabidiol).
I now dedicate my time educating, advocating and distributing CBD given its power to help so many ailments from pain or sleep to serious life-altering health conditions. Since it’s an unregulated industry, it’s critical to know what to look for when putting a product in and on your body. I teach and educate what it is and is not, how to find a high-quality product and what to avoid, how it works, what type and how much to take, especially in the beginning.

I also lead others into helping them achieve their own goals, both personally and professionally, giving them guidance and support along the way to help them live prosperously.