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Annika Iliadis

Industry: Health and Wellness



My Business Career started out in Pharmaceutical Sales but realized shortly into that career that I needed to do something where I felt more passion for my job. At around the same time, I had family acquaintances that developed rare cancers and it really made me sad and angry. I wanted to learn more about how people could prevent cancer. I developed an interest in natural health, and thought maybe by learning more about alternative health care and the holistic industry, I would feel more empowered about how to best prevent cancer. I then researched getting a Master’s degree in natural health and thought “maybe this will be my passion.”

While going through the online Master’s program, I had to read a book called “Stopping Cancer At The Source,” , by Dr. M. Sara Rosenthal, and there was a whole chapter on yoga. I went on to become a certified yoga teacher and while taking part in the training I developed a new outlook on life. I decided I didn’t want to wear business suits any more, I wanted to move forward with my new passion in natural health and yoga. I’d had trouble becoming pregnant with my now 10-year-old twins, and I truly believe that if I didn’t have natural health and yoga in my life I might not have them now.

After completing the yoga teacher training, I started writing a business plan for a yoga center. I envisioned building and running a yoga center and in turn helping many people prevent cancer. I considered it a calling. Centerville Yoga & Wellness Center opened in May 2007 and I’m proud to say it was the first yoga center on Cape Cod and is now 10 yeast old!

After selling Centerville Yoga to a wonderful new owner, Karen Black, I still wanted to stay in the yoga world but wasn’t sure exactly how to do that. I then realized that I wanted to bring a yoga festival to Cape Cod and started building Love Yoga Fest Shortly after.