#1 Treat it like a cocktail party

Would you walk up to someone and hand them your business card with no context? Of course not! Introduce yourself, make conversations, and have a little fun. 💃🏻 BBW is an incredible group to socialize and network in.



#2 Engage on other’s posts

Jump in those comments, baby! Offer insight on your expertise, celebrate each other’s wins, and share encouragement. Commenting is a great way to show up and even get referrals as a business.



#3 Take initiative

You’re in the driver’s seat of your life. When you make a connection on a post, send them a DM and set up a time to meet for coffee, Zoom, or even a co-working date. Build authentic connections with people for more friendships, referrals, and even clients.



#4 Show up consistently

Stay top of mind and engaged with the group to get the benefits of networking. Remember the last event you went to? We bet you can name the people who are always present. Even if you only have 30 minutes a week, block off some time to post, comment, and engage.



#5 Invest in the BBW membership

Our member perks are drool-worthy. 😉 Cooked up from the annoyance of FB Groups being scammy and a waste of time, we prepared a delectable menu of benefits at an affordable price. You can post and promote yourself whenever you want, join member only events, and take advantage of exclusive networking opportunities. You can learn all about our membership here.



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