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Women Entrepreneurs Development Program

The wait is OVER!  Starting on October 2, 2017 Boston Business Women begins our Entrepreneur Bootcamp designed specifically for female entrepreneurs.


Are you an Entrepreneur with an idea or a business that you are looking to take to the next level? Are you feeling lost, need accountability or just more knowledge, access to resources and referrals? Are you looking to exceed your revenue goals, tighten your margins, launch into the national market, get more clients? THEN THIS ACCELERATOR PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!


The Entrepreneur Bootcamp is all you need to move into the next phase of your Entrepreneurial career.


Corporate Women’s Development Program

In 2017 (Winter), we will launch specialized programs catered to women in the corporate workplace. They will focus on personal and professional development through team building, leadership coaching, innovation talks and more. They are designed to create a better corporate culture through motivation, health, wellness and mindfulness. Studies show that companies empowering their female employees in this way are winning, retaining and creating productive employees. In return these companies are becoming stronger, faster. Interested in investing in the women of your workplace?

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