Membership FAQs

Does my membership begin the day I sign up?


Once signed up, how do I find out more about the membership/group?

You will receive an email within 15 minutes of signing up that will explain, in more detail, your membership and how to go about taking advantage of the benefits it comes with!

Can I cancel at anytime?

The monthly membership allows you to sign up and cancel at any time. Simply go to the ‘my account’ section of our website, log in and click off renew or cancel membership.

What is my member’s code to sign up for events?

The promo code for all webinars can be found on your Welcome Email we sent when you first joined. Please check your spam folder or promotions tab for this. If you still can’t find it, email us at

Why are my posts getting declined on your Facebook page?

As stated in our Facebook group rules and regulations, in order to promote yourself, a business or event, you must be an official paying member of Boston Business Women.

I am an official paying member of BBW and my posts are still getting declined. Why is this?

Do your Facebook and membership name match up? It’s very important that they be the same. Our team will not know to accept your post if your first and middle name (or nickname and maiden name) is shown on the Facebook post, but your membership name is your first and last name. One of the names would not be listed in our system as an active, paying member. This goes for Business pages posting as well. Please make sure if you’re posting off a Business page, that the same way it shows on Facebook, it shows on your account.
You can update your name by logging into your account through our website. Or you can let us know and we can update for you on our end!

How often can I post in the group?

Out of consideration for group members, we ask that promotional content is limited to 3-4 posts a week. 

How do I sign up to host a class and/or members only luncheon/dinner?

You must be an official paying BBW member to host either of these. To apply to host a webinar, please copy the URL below and paste into your browser to fill out the form. To host a lunch or dinner, please email Our team will then get back to you with the next available opening.

How can I be featured in a BBW spotlight?

You MUST be an Annual or VIP member to be featured in a spotlight. If you meet this requirement, please email us and we can send over a form to fill out!

How do I become an affiliate?

Each member has their own unique affiliate code. Share it at any time and anyone who signs up for an annual membership using your code will award you $50. They must use the code or link when signing up, or they will not receive credit.

Where can I get my Black Card?

Please email us at and we can get one shipped out to you!

How can I get my directory profile posted?

When you sign up for a membership, that information will then automatically appear on our website! Feel free to update this information any time by logging into your account through our website.

How do I change my credit card information?

You can do so by logging into your account through our website: –  Please make sure there is only 1 card on file. Please delete all other cards you do not want charged/cards that no longer work.

I canceled my subscription but I want to sign back up. How do I go about doing this?

First and foremost, please sign in to your account through our website. You’ll need to be logged in before you do anything. Once logged in, you can select the Membership tab, select the membership you would like to sign up for and add it to your account. The next page should already have all your information. You can then check out!

How do I get featured on one of your emails?

We now have an advertising package for this! We have a small and large package. Please email us at to learn more!

How do I sign up for a speaking opportunity?

As of right now, we don’t have any in-person events for speakers, but if you are an official member, you can sign up to host a webinar on a topic of your choice through our BBW Zoom!