The Power of Boundaries: Thriving as an Introverted Female Entrepreneur

The Power of Boundaries: Thriving as an Introverted Female Entrepreneur

When people look at me and my bustling life, they often assume I’m an extrovert. After all, I run a networking group with over 50,000+ members, am constantly engaging with people, and taking the stage to teach marketing masterclasses to hundreds of women.


But here’s the secret: I’m an introvert.🙈


Introverts vs. Extroverts


The main difference between introverts and extroverts is how we recharge our energy.

  • Introverts, like me, find solace and energy in alone time.
  • Extroverts, on the other hand, thrive on social interactions and find their energy through connection with others.


Life for me has been an exhilarating whirlwind. Behind the scenes, my team and I are working on significant projects, my husband and I are making big moves, and my beloved pup Parker is growing by leaps and bounds.

I wear many hats in my daily life—mom, wife, boss, leader, friend, sister, daughter, and elderly pup mom. My mind constantly buzzes with tasks and responsibilities: keeping the back-stock filled, planning meals, scheduling Parker’s lessons, managing dry cleaning and Amazon returns, and making sure my husband doesn’t forget his appointments. The list goes on and on.


The Mental Load of Women


As women, especially as mothers, we often carry an enormous mental load. We take on the emotional well-being of our families, ensuring everyone is content, healthy, and taking care of themselves. However, it is important we always make time for our own well-being in addition to everything else.


Here are some tips for finding ways for you to recharge:


Self-Reflection: Take time to reflect on your daily life and responsibilities. What tasks and roles are most important to you? What brings you joy, and what drains your energy? This self-awareness is the first step in identifying what fills your cup.


Prioritize Your Values: Determine your core values and what matters most to you. Are family, career, health, or personal growth at the top of your list? Knowing your priorities will help you set boundaries that align with your values.


Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to physical and emotional cues. Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or exhausted? These signals indicate where you might need to set boundaries or make changes in your life.


Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different boundaries. It’s okay to start small and gradually adjust as you see what works best for you. Flexibility is key.


Seek Support: Reach out to mentors, friends, or fellow entrepreneurs who can provide guidance and share their experiences in setting boundaries as introverts. Learning from others can be incredibly valuable.


To be the best version of myself, I need space to maintain happiness and balance as an introvert. I need moments where I can remove all my hats, disconnect from external demands, and reconnect with myself and my needs. It’s during these moments that I can hear my own thoughts clearly.


This practice allows me to step back, organize my thoughts, and prioritize my life. I get a bird’s-eye view of what’s working, what’s not, and where I need to make changes. Staying true to myself and honoring my boundaries isn’t always easy, but it’s become non-negotiable for me.


I refuse to get back on the hamster wheel of feeling stuck or living a mediocre life. I won’t settle for anything less than giving and receiving love, creating art, inspiring, and fulfilling my purpose.


So what are you doing to take care of yourself?


How do you find the balance? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Regardless of your personality type, it’s essential to identify what you need to thrive in your entrepreneurial journey.


Boundaries aren’t limitations; they’re the keys to unlocking your true potential. Aspiring female entrepreneurs take note: honoring your boundaries and taking care of yourself is your right and your path to success.


I would love to know how you find a balance as an entrepreneur. Share your story or tips on the BBW Facebook Group to help others or receive additional support.

Cheers to your Success!
Kristina & The BBW Team xo 💗


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