Leading a Team Starts With Communication: What You Need To Know

Leading a Team Starts With Communication: What You Need To Know

As a business owner with multiple businesses, I understand the importance of having a team that not only works but also shares my mission and understands the tasks at hand. Being the founder of the company means it’s essential I am a leader. Leading a team starts with effective communication. It is the key to creating success in your business. Clear communication can help build trust, inspire action, and foster a positive and productive workplace culture.

In this blog, I will highlight the five most important things when it comes to communication as a leader.


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1. Be Clear and Concise

Clear communication is the foundation for ensuring that your team understands your expectations and goals. I suggest keeping things simple and avoiding using jargon. Unless it’s a technical employee avoid the tech talk as well as it can just lead to overwhelm. When communicating important information, be concise and to the point, and leave out all unnecessary details.

2. Listen, Listen, Listen

Effective communication is a two-way street, and active listening is just as important as speaking. When your team members speak, listen carefully and show that you understand and value their input. Ask questions to clarify, and take the time to provide feedback and constructive criticism. Keep in mind all people want is to feel heard. 

3. Set Clear Expectations

As a leader, it’s important to set clear expectations for your team. This means providing clear instructions, outlining project timelines and goals, and setting specific metrics for success. By establishing clear expectations, your team will have a better understanding of what is expected of them and will be more likely to work towards achieving those goals. Lastly, try your best not to change things last minute.

4. Lead by Example

Your actions as a leader speak louder than your words. To inspire your team to succeed, lead by example and demonstrate the values and behaviors you want your team to exhibit. For example, if you want your team to prioritize teamwork and collaboration, you should model those behaviors in your work. Everything starts with you, show them your commitment and they will show you theirs. 

5. Build a Positive Culture

A positive culture naturally brings creativity, productivity, and overall success. As a leader, it’s important to provide recognition and feedback, encourage open communication, and promote a healthy work-life balance. By creating a real culture within your company, you can foster a sense of community and teamwork that will help your team achieve success.



In conclusion, effective communication is the foundation of successful leadership. By prioritizing clear and concise communication, actively listening to your team, setting and communicating clear expectations, leading by example, and fostering a positive work culture, you can inspire your team to achieve their goals. Remember that as a leader, you are nothing without your team, and by prioritizing effective communication, you can cultivate a strong and productive team that achieves shared success.


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