How to Find Your Purpose and Make Money 💸

How to Find Your Purpose and Make Money 💸

I have said it before and I will say it money does not create happiness. True happiness comes from living out your life’s purpose. Without purpose, pushing yourself to do something has no meaning. 

I have met downright miserable billionaires because money never builds inner wealth. Feeling empowered comes from doing things that light you up and creating something you want to share with others. 

After 15 years of building multiple purposeful businesses, these are the three essential questions that lead me to discover my purpose and make it profitable.


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1. What are people always coming to you for?

Whether it be a friend or family member, we all have that one person we go to for outfit advice, relationship advice, travel tips, or whatever it may be. Turning your passion into profit begins with identifying what people always seek from you. If you can’t think of anything, it’s time to go through your text messages and DMs. You probably didn’t consider it as advice, as you just love talking about the subject, so look closely. 

2. What are you doing when you are in a flow state?

Have you ever found yourself working on something and time just seems to fly by? Whether you’re painting or editing a video, whatever you’re doing, you feel empowered by it. You find you are full of ideas and can see the end goal before it’s done. This is what it means to be in a flow state with your work and mind. You should consider what these projects or tasks are, as they are important to your purpose. 

3. What do you love to do?

Now this one may sound obvious, but often we can be caught up in obligations we forget what we love to do. Therefore, let me suggest you list everything you enjoy doing. Then narrow down the top 3, and from there, start researching potential opportunities. Today, there are more opportunities than ever before for nontraditional careers. Plus, people are looking for experts in everything these days and products online.

So grab a journal and sit in your favorite cafe with these questions. When approached correctly, any passion can become a profitable venture. Trust me! 

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