How to Feel More Serenity This Spring 🌼

How to Feel More Serenity This Spring 🌼

With the long winter months almost behind us, I am beyond excited to feel the spring sunshine and see flowers bloom again. 🌻

Like doing spring cleaning for your home, spring is also a good time to shed those winter blues and step into the new season feeling at peace.  

When we embody a feeling of serenity within, it strengthens our intuition, fosters clarity, and renews our mind, body, and soul. 

Here are the 3 things you can do to start this spring feeling refreshed and less stressed.

1. A Change of Scenery

Whether it’s trying a coffee shop, booking a weekend trip, or driving home an unusual route, going somewhere new is an easy way to bring a fresh perspective into our lives. Every new place we explore enables us to feel something different and see things from another perspective. A little change of scenery can help us feel invigorated and more creative, as it forces our brain to process new surroundings.

2. Set aside a day for just you

As a busy mom, wife, and business owner, it’s easy to find myself constantly thinking about what’s next. However, spending too much time on the go can leave me feeling burned out and not living in the present. To prevent this feeling and show up as my best self-setting aside time for just me is essential. It’s when I slow down, get quiet, and shut the world out, clarity always seems to find me. So reserve that day at the spa, sit in a park, go for a hike, catch up on sleep, or whatever it is, just do something for yourself. Truth be told, we all just need some alone time.


3. Create a ritual for your mind and body

We can’t feel good if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. To change the way we feel, we have to start with our bodies. So prioritize scheduling a morning run, yoga, or a bike ride. It’s scientifically proven working out makes us feel better. My favorite thing to do is work out and then meditate. This combination soothes you from the inside out. If mediation isn’t your thing, try journaling a few times a week. By making time to sit with our thoughts, we can release them so they don’t consume our minds all day. 

It’s never too late to hit reset and feel more at peace, plus with the spring sun shining, the time has never been so perfect. 

Cheers to your Success!
Kristina & The BBW Team xo

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