How to Celebrate Small, Big, and Bigger WINS! 🙌

Last week, I sent over our SELF-LOVE 2023 playlist, and we’ve been listening non-stop. 🥰


While jamming out to our team’s picks, I thought about all of the moments I’ve celebrated successes.


Did you know that celebrating, rejoicing, and taking intentional time for gratitude in the small wins is vital for your long-term benefit?


Boost your confidence, create momentum, and prevent burnout by investing in a memorable ‘pat on the back.’


Here are five ways you can celebrate small, big, and bigger wins!



An awesome way to treat yourself after a business win is to reinvest that confidence! Think of a price point and a relevant treat, something you’ve been putting off or eyeing for a while. Your tech/office (new computer, tripod, desk, studio design) and education (master class, conference, a new hobby.)




When we celebrate birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, what do we think of? A party! Create a special moment to relish in and acknowledge your win. Some ideas are getting your team together for lunch, getting your favorite coffee and pastry and jamming out to music, having dinner with your spouse or business partners, etc. Again—you can work with any price point. Just make sure to CALL IT what it is. A (_____) Celebration!


Kristina celebrating at spa




If you’re a journal, stationery, and colorful pen lover, this is for you! Sometimes our planning and writing and doodling can feel like it’s taking time away from “productivity.” Take a few hours to dive into your journal, sketch your bullet planner for the month, or my personal favorite, write yourself a congratulatory letter! With gratitude at heart, you can create a powerful memory of celebration to look back on and enjoy.




I heard the Italians have a saying for it: Dolce far niente – or the sweetness of doing nothing.


When I used to think of doing “nothing,” my skin would crawl and I’d turn into a big ball of anxiety. Then, I learned by always doing “something,” I was deteriorating my health, longevity of my success, and overall well-being.


Drink the coffee and watch movies all day. Read a book at the beach. Take a nap if you can. Take a day to just be. Tomorrow will have enough to do on it’s own. Take a day to decompress and reflect on your strength so far.




You could take this a few directions. Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to not only to recognize a win, but to boost your confidence and push past your limits. Go to the restaurant you’ve never experienced. Buy an outfit you’d never think you could pull off. Book the excursion. No matter what your budget, make a point to find something that hasn’t “been for you” in the past and dive in.


Do you celebrate your small wins? If not, will you start today?


Cheers to your success,





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