A Guide to Celebrating Women This Black History Month

A Guide to Celebrating Women This Black History Month

Black History Month is an opportunity to honor the contributions and achievements of Black people throughout history. It’s also a time to reflect on obstacles that they have overcome, and the ongoing work that continues to happen every day. For Black women, this month is a particularly important time to acknowledge and celebrate their unique contributions to the world. New England has a rich history of Black entrepreneurship, and today, the cities are home to many Black women-owned businesses. From tech startups to creative agencies, black women are breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations of women. Despite facing numerous challenges and a lack of equality, many black women in New England have continued to pursue their dreams and build successful careers.


Here are five ways you can celebrate powerful Black women this History Month.


1. Learn about Black women who have made history.

Countless Black women have made significant contributions to history, yet their stories are often overlooked or forgotten. Take the time to learn about these women and their achievements, whether it’s through books, articles, documentaries, or podcasts. Some notable Black women from New England are Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin, Dorothy Crockett, and Harriet Wilson. These are just a few a quick Google Search will bring up hundreds.

2. Support Black-owned businesses.

Black women entrepreneurs are making waves in various industries, from fashion to tech to beauty. Use this month as an opportunity to support Black-owned businesses, whether it’s through purchasing products, recommending them to friends, or simply amplifying their voices on social media. This not only helps these businesses grow, but also helps to promote economic equity and sustainability.

Here are a few female-owned black businesses in Boston:

  • Trillfit 
  • Organic Bath Co.
  • Brown and Coconut
  • Wyllo
  • Ankhara by Luciana
  • SJ Design dba Sydney Janey Design
  • Event Staffing by Josie
  • Greater Resource of Women Networks 
  • Business and Bullswanky

3. Attend events that cultivate bringing together Black women.

Many organizations host events and discussions that center around Black women and their experiences. Look for local events in your area or virtual events online, such as panels, workshops, and concerts, that highlight the accomplishments of Black women in various fields. This website is a great place to get started for events in the New England area.

4. Volunteer with organizations that support Black women.

Many organizations work to support and empower Black women, whether it’s through education, mentorship, or advocacy. Consider volunteering your time and skills with one of these organizations, whether it’s a local community group or a national organization like the National Black Women’s Justice Institute or the Black Women’s Health Imperative.

Here are a few local Black women groups in New England to check out:

  1. Loveland Foundation
  2. Stable Ground Boston
  3. Families for Justice as Healing

4. Support Black women in politics.

Black women have historically been underrepresented in politics, but they have also been at the forefront of major social and political movements. Support Black women in politics by voting for them, volunteering on their campaigns, or advocating for policies that support their communities.

5. Celebrate the Black women in your life.

Finally, take the time to celebrate the Black women in your life, whether it’s your mother, sister, friend, or colleague. Recognize and acknowledge their contributions and achievements, and let them know how much they inspire and motivate you.

In conclusion, celebrating Black History Month for women is a meaningful and important way to honor the incredible contributions of Black women throughout history. By learning about their achievements, supporting their businesses and organizations, and celebrating them in our own lives, we can help to promote equality and justice. But most of all, empowerment for Black women everywhere.


What black female businesses, leaders, or organizations in New England do you love?


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