SEN — The Life Changing Acronym You Need

To round out the month celebrating love, wins, self-care, and…chocolate… there’s one more VITAL consideration I want to leave with you.


The acronym S.E.N stands for three pillars that will change your life, whether you like it or not.


From business to health to confidence, when S.E.N. is a priority, you flourish. 


What’s behind these all-powerful mystery words might be more basic than you think.






It sounds simple, but we all know that with life comes SO MUCH, and sometimes our basic needs can be pushed back more and more until we forget about them. That is…until they come back and take you down! 😅


Isn’t that where our recent concept of self-care came from, anyways? When did the bare minimum become a luxury?


The difference for my launches, fundraising meetings, and strategy sessions is of such magnitude, I know by not prioritizing S.E.M. I will leave money, opportunity, and growth on the table.


I’m not willing to spend any more days knowingly sabotaging myself… So, here are my three PRACTICAL tips to improve your life with sleep, exercise, and nutrition.



Growing up Greek, we take sleep very seriously. 😉 While I’m not in a season for regular naps to occur, I always make sure I’m as well-rested as I can be. If I know I have a launch the next day, I’ll make sure I’m in bed by 9:00 pm and get to sleep as quickly as I can.


Recently, I started using my Hatch! I can set up different phases like reading time, meditation time, and lights-out to help me follow my night-time routine.



As a busy, new(ish) mama, my pre-baby days workout regime is done with. At least for now. I’ve found it’s best if I have an accountability partner. What does that look like for me? If I’m in a place where I know strength training is key, I HIRE A PERSONAL TRAINER.


Yes, I’m all-capsing HIRE because I want you to know that I practice what I preach in all aspects of life. Once you can afford it, you can always begin delegating the work and “life” tasks that you know will help you. Do I love creating workout plans and researching form, etc.? Not by any means… 🤣 But I do know how to show up and do the WORK! 💪


Other simple ways to up your exercise game are to hit a step goal, stand up and stretch at your desk every hour or so, and schedule group fitness classes in advance.


Kristina with laptop



Again, I’m Greek—So when I talk about nutrition, you don’t need to worry that I’m going to tell you to cut out food groups or stop living your best life. 😉  What I want you to focus on is your intention.


When you’re thinking clearly, feeling sharper, and NOT HANGRY…😅


That’s when you really shine! If you have a big week at work, consider meal planning as part of your preparation. The same way you’re making slide decks, writing emails, and planning your power-suit, you can consider what meals and snacks will give you the boost you need.


Like a runner who carbs-up before a race, you can fuel your body to WIN!


How can you outsource your nutrition? It’s never been easier! 


One direction is to hire a nutritionist. A lower barrier to entry is to pick a meal service you love. These days, you can choose from options like Hello Fresh and have fun cooking new meals or ready-for-you services, where you pick up meals and snacks and don’t have to think twice.


If you’re not ready to commit to a pre-made lifestyle, consider getting meals for your busiest weeks. Not only will you have great food to eat, you’ll get the chance to stay in your genius and create in flow.


What are your favorite S.E.M. hacks? 🥳


Tell me in the comments or in the FB Group!


Cheers to your success,




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