10 Life lessons I wish I learned sooner

Each month, I take time to reflect on what has been, what I want to bring into this year, and what I want to release and leave in the past. January 2023 is no different, and February is already upon us!


Last night, I ordered my favorite local takeout, lit my favorite candle, read over my appreciation list, and sat down to write out my thoughts before I put my phone away for the evening. I want to share this with you because just a few year’s ago, I needed to hear it.


I’m at the point in my life where I’ve come to realize a few things…


⭐️ 1. Nothing and no one is worth losing your inner peace over.


⭐️ 2. What is meant for you will never miss you!


⭐️ 3. Early mornings are magical. Savor them and wake up with the sunrise as many times as you can.


⭐️ 4. Consciously creating an amazing life is in the day-to-day details, planning, taking inspired action, routines and daily healthy habits. It’s the not-so-glamorous work that makes the best moments iconic.


⭐️ 5. Go with the flow. Try not to force anything. When you are off, surrender to it. Nature is an incredible example. Never rushed, yet everything works out in perfect time.


Kristina at table working


⭐️ 6. The more hard work you do on your inner world, the easier your outer world will become. Invest time and energy in yourself.


⭐️ 7. LOVE IT ALL. Find gratitude in even the hard moments because some of the most beautiful lessons are there. We can’t feel true joy without the empathy of pain, and we can’t find resilience and being at peace without the opportunity to practice.


⭐️ 8. A good coach is worth every penny. Hint hint, wink wink, get matched with your perfect coach on Mycoachspace.com. 😉But seriously, I’ve been talked off more than one ledge this year by my coach in 10-minutes or less. You never know when a fresh perspective can help everything make sense.


⭐️ 9. Don’t look outward to fix anything in your life. You have to go inward to change.


⭐️ 10. Release the past, be in the present, and stay excited for the future.


And most importantly…





Cheers to your success, 






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