We had such a fun (but busy) weekend.


Hosting my family for my Dad’s birthday, meeting Santa, holiday photos with Mariah, lunch in Newport, swim lessons, gymnastics & more.


Kristina and parker at the park


And even though I went to bed early, today I woke up feeling off…


A little tired and just not my best self.


The old me would have buckled down, sucked it up, and just got to work.


The evolved me now knows that my only job is to feel good. And that there is no point in pushing against myself. So I surrender.


I go slow. I go inward and ask myself what I need to return to my best self. For me today, that looks like an extra cup of coffee. Extra comfy work-from-home clothes. A long walk outside with my Maddie girl. A call to a friend and/or my spiritual mentor. Diving into some creative planning and writing and only working on what excites and thrills me today.


Kristina wearing red in a restaurant


After years of fighting myself on this, I only show up to work when l am ready to take inspired action. When I am tapped in, tuned in, and turned on. This is when miracles happen! When I can show up as my best self and let the divine work through and within me. I can move mountains these days, create new courses, curriculums, and services, and get so much done. It doesn’t even feel like work.


Today I probably won’t turn on my computer, and that’s ok. The automations I’ve set up in my business allow me to make as much money on my off days as my on days.


My passion has now turned to helping more women and Entrepreneurs learn how to do the same.


Because we deserve the time and space to be human and not have to be at our best all the time. Everything in nature has a season of when to bloom and rest. It’s the most natural order and perfect cycle that we have to look to.


When we show up in our light, we create change and impact, and we can change the world.


But when we show up when we are not our best, we cannot inspire others, have an impact, or be the leader our teams and colleagues deserve. It’s a disservice to ourselves and others and will end in sickness, pain, burnout, lack of inspiration, etc.


I love you all, and I genuinely wish every woman on earth could learn the fantastic methods that have changed my life in the most brilliant, beautiful ways. Working less, being in my zone of genius more, and making more revenue than ever. At the same time, I can find happiness, deeper relationships, more meaning in my life, and pure inner peace, happiness & joy.


Kristina and Parker with Santa


These methods have filled my toolbox and empowered me so profoundly. I can’t wait to share everything with the students in The Six-Figure Startup Success Academy this year. We will kick off our 5-month curriculum with these success tools that will improve your life.


Our doors for the class of 2023 are closing soon, so get in while you can.


It’s time for you to thrive.


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Cheers to your Balance, Bliss & Success,

Kristina xo


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