How to stand out online workshop RECAP! 💥

Our How to Stand Out Online workshop was a HIT!!!! 😍


Over 600 of us jumped on Zoom where I went through all of my tips and tricks to grow your network on social media, then walked through posts in our group giving feedback on posts that worked or didn’t work and how to improve them.


If you missed it, here are three of my insights I shared in the workshop:



⭐️ Facebook Groups as communication channels


Facebook (Meta) is doubling down on Facebook Group development in the coming years, meaning they will become more and more valuable.


Groups give you a chance to connect directly with a niche audience, your people, and connect in a way that builds trust faster than digital advertising. Brands spend a TON of money trying to get their ads in front of the right people, especially with the new wave of data privacy that prevents the targeting used in the past from being as effective.


Most groups do not allow promotions from members or are ALL promotion (not enough clients.) When choosing your groups, be mindful of the effort verses results you’ll find. In BBW, we focus on building a network with a balance of local offers, questions and conversations by all group members, and encouraging each other in life and in business.


⭐️ How to show up and stand out


When you’re posting in groups like BBW, it’s like you’re at a networking event, or holiday party with 40k women who want to support you.

Would you just shout out to everyone what you sell or would you introduce yourself?

Would you show up in sweats, or look and feel your best? (AKA blurry/low quality photos)


When you start posting, best practices are to use clear images with no text over them (to look like a flyer), to introduce yourself, and to have a great hook to stop people from scrolling by. Think of your post like a magazine article. Take up more real estate in the feed by using vertical images, not horizontal. And post consistently! This isn’t just a one-and-done. Members want to see you show up multiple times and that is the way you stay top of mind.


⭐️ This tip gets looked over so much…so really let this sink in. 😉


If you regret posting something or it doesn’t perform well just…delete it!


You may want to try reposting it at another time to see if it gets better traction, switching out to a new photo, or if it’s something you wish you hadn’t said, just delete it for good.


When I first started, there would be some nights that I really needed to put something up in the group, but I didn’t have enough time to put a lot of effort in and it didn’t perform well it would eat me up inside.


Additionally if I was over excited and posted something with mistakes or misinformation, I would freak out over that too.


Then I learned I could just delete it and move on. You can too!


Want to watch the whole workshop with more advice, a sample posting schedule, and more? We posted it in the FB Group here! 🥰


Let us know what your biggest takeaway is.


Cheers to your success,






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