5 tips to regain your power 💖

Last year, a few personal and professional moments happened that left me feeling icky.

I didn’t realize it in the moment, but choices I made were creating chaos in my life. I’d given my power away by creating certain deadlines and goals that didn’t support my well being. The old ‘hustle’ inside of me crept back in, encouraging me with “you can do this!”


But it didn’t make me feel empowered. I didn’t feel like a bad *ss. I felt inferior.


Here’s the thing…we all can.


I could push myself to work all day and night and ruin my Sunday. I could stress out my team and myself with hitting big deadlines. At the time, it seemed like we were taking advantage of a nice opportunity. Really, it was stealing our peace.


This year and during my pregnancy, I’ve got really clear on my non-negotiables. In some ways it was forced, because when you start losing your health and well being, everything else fades away. What’s left is our priority.


‘Yessing’ people, rushing projects, and feeling stressed out, is no longer available to me and I am simply no longer available for doing it ‘the hard way.’

Your physical, mental health, and happiness are worth more than a potential missed opportunity. The most powerful word we have is a full sentence.




I reached out and declined that opportunity. When the timing is right for ME, it can circle back and I’ll reconsider. I didn’t love that I had to let them down, but I realized it was more important not to let myself down.


So my advice to all of you (and me) in a nutshell is…



💖 Nothing in nature is rushed, yet everything is accomplished. Always look to nature for guidance, it was designed perfectly and we can mimic this in our own lives. We aren’t meant to be in bloom all the time, and we have to honor our internal seasons. Everything flows and works out easier when we are in-tune with this.


💖 Don’t let anyone take away your power. If you might have in the moment, you can always reclaim it after you walk away, reflect, sleep on it and approach it with a fresh point of view. Always stay true to yourself NO MATTER WHAT. And I truly mean that. No matter if it means the end to a friendship, a relationship, a project, etc.


💖 Prioritize your health, well-being and happiness and everything will fall into place.
You are exactly where you are meant to be. Trust, believe and connect to the divine timing of it all.


💖 Reflect on and write down lessons learned so that you won’t repeat history or revert back to your old ways!


💖 Life is meant to be joyful, to flow easily. Follow your bliss and I promise you everything else will fall into place!


How will you take back your power this week?


Cheers to your success,






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