Before you set your goals for 2023, do this! 🤯

You guys…Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! 🤯


As the holidays fly in, it’s a great time to reflect on the year and set goals.


We hear about new year resolutions, we look at our fiscal calendars, plan our vacations, and look at the year ahead in a beautiful state of opportunities.

But I have a challenge for you!


Before you make new goals take a moment to write down all of the accomplishments you’ve already experienced. What would 10-year old, 18-year old, 26 year old you be excited about in your life? High five that version of you in your mind. (Maybe even CLAP together!)


Now, what hard times did you get through? What are two experiences in your life where you felt lost, overwhelmed, under pressure, or hurt? Who was that version of you? Were they 10, 18, or 26? Was she yesterday? That person—deserves a thank you. Reflect on her and how her choices got you to this place.


Think of the eager to grow up girl, the girl who made it through, and you. The product of their resilience. Have a little group hug with those versions of you from what seems like alternate time lines in the universe. Observe how you cherish each other’s character and worked together to get here.


One day in the future, this version of you will be in the group hug. How do you want her to show up?


As the one who did the d*mn thing! The one who took the time to heal? Maybe the one that took the leap of faith in your heart? Or perhaps, this version of yourself is in a season of giving and serving with your head down.


That person is your present. Look around at what she has. In many cases, everything we have now we once only wished for. From character, to wisdom, to empathy. From an updated portfolio, to relationships, to a logo you love. The meal you’ve been obsessed with and have eaten way more times than anyone should.


Take some time this holiday season to honor where you are now.


There’s always more time for goal setting. 😉


Cheers to your success, gratitude, and goals!






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