Being thankful for the good, bad, and …scary

As busy women, it’s not often enough that we take time away to just simply be.


To make a list of all that we are thankful for and to reflect just how far we have come.


I’ve been very close to life and death situations last year. As hard and scary as it was, it has also been a tremendous blessing.


When we or a loved one has a health scare, we show up, we become present, and literally nothing else matters. Not our to-do list, not money, not worrying about the past, or thinking of the future, it simply pulls us into the very moment and what TRULY matters.


After a very stressful month, I was able to sit with my feelings and reflect on what I have learned and what is coming up for me, and on this Thanksgiving, I wanted to share them with you.



I looked around at my home. The one that brings me warmth, and comfort. The one that we have created so many happy memories in. There was a time that I’d been so focused on moving to a bigger,  better house and didn’t embrace what I do have. How happy and warm our home was in those moments.


I will miss the coziness, the familiar marks on the walls, even the creaks in the old floors.


As I was upstairs the other night, I heard my husband singing to my son, and his giggles and happy sounds lit up our entire home. As scary as it can be to love with your whole heart, it is so worth it. It’s why we are here on earth. To connect and to love. And every person, animal, place or living thing we fall in love with, becomes apart of us, our memories, our imprint and story on earth.


I’m soaking up the happiness, how full my heart is, and how lucky I am to feel this connected and content with my loved ones, my family, my home, my unit.


💕 If you have your health, cherish.

💕 If you have a warm bed, curl up in it.

💕 If you have love in your life, embrace it.

💕 If you have lost, let the memories fill you up.


Thank you for being on my journey over the last 7+ years, and for allowing us to be apart of yours as well.


Thank you for continuing to show up and making the Boston Business Women Community what it is today: A thriving resource for us all to connect, inspire & lift each other up. I love you all and couldn’t even imagine life without this community and each & every one of you! ❤️


A few of my favorite journal prompts this year are:


🍁 What do I have now that I only wished for this time last year?

🍁 Who am I most thankful for/who do I need to give thanks to and what do I love about them? (Tell them!)

🍁 What am I most thankful for about me? What have I overcome, accomplished, done for others this year.


If you have time today, tomorrow or this weekend, take a moment to go outside, for a walk, sit down with a cup of tea, and reflect on the year and your life. Take everything you are thankful for and turn it inward.


From my family to yours, wishing you the happiest Thanksgiving!!



Kristina & The Boston Business Women Team


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