10 tips for an epic, successful, thriving LAUNCH! 🤑🥰

As you proooobably noticed, BBW is doing some incredible promotion this season. Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) campaign broke our records and we were all texting over the holiday weekend. The #1 goal of any promotional campaign should be effectively communicating the value of your offer so you can get clients to serve.  


On top of irresistible value (no-brainer style communication), here are 10 tips to consider for your next launch. And I don’t think you’ll hear them anywhere else… 😉


✔️ Studies show that you are most confident & that your brain is functioning at its highest capacity, and also that you are most attractive to others on day 12-14 after the first day of your last period. Your energy will also be the highest & you will be most confident during this time. Launch at this time!!


✔️ Let the launch be FUN & enjoyable. It’s your art, it’s your gift to the world. It’s your creative freedom. It’s your legacy. If only 1 person or 100+ people purchase your offering, it’s perfect. Because there are no mistakes & the Universe can’t get it wrong.


✔️ Plan some really fun plans during your launch period. With friends, family & loved ones. A launch period, especially your first one can be a vulnerable time. Fill all of your other life buckets and get OFFLINE. When you come back filled up & inspired, share, post, continue creating!


✔️ Get the graphics, building the buzz & operations of the launch right. AKA Plan in advance, get a photoshoot, and give your graphic designers time to get your promo materials to the best possible standard.


✔️ Study other sales pages, or things you have purchased before. What are they doing right? What attracted you and got you to purchase? Reengineer it!


✔️ Do your customers want what you are selling? Have you asked them, sent out a poll?!


✔️ On the day of your launch, get your hair & nails done, get dressed up in your favorite outfit, go out to your favorite restaurant – celebrate it!!!!!


✔️ If some deep shit is surfacing for you during this time of vulnerability, use it! It’s a gift. Go into the feelings that are coming up. When you give them space and work through them (with tools like The Method) you are literally going next level personally & professionally. It’s a freaking gift from the Universe!


✔️ Write notes. What went well, what didn’t? Posting times, email marketing, images or messaging used…


✔️ Take screenshots. Of every single nice comment, post, especially those who purchased your offer. Ask them how it went, what they learned. Get specifics and add these to your sales page & marketing!!!


You’re going to watch me take these steps live-in-action as BBW promotes our limited-access accelerator for the rest of the month. See if you can notice trends in our copy, graphics, and timing. Our job is to make sure EVERYONE who can benefit from the 6-Figure Startup Success Mastermind:


⭐️ Knows it exists

⭐️ Knows how valuable this cohort will be

⭐️ Knows the flexibility options of watching the content

⭐️ Knows the flexibility of investment (payment plans)


Check out the landing page we created over the past few months. (bostonbusinesswomen.com/six-figure-startup-success-academy)


This team effort (designers, photography, editors, etc.) has us already to 50% capacity!!


Thank you to my team for making my vision come to life! 🥳


When’s your next launch? If you’re an Inner Circle member, remember to promote to our BBW audience!

Cheers to your success,


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