How to Know Your Stress is Harming You and How to Heal

It wasn’t until the last few years that I actually started to pay attention to how stress manifests in my body and how to tend to it.


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When I wake up at 2am or 3am a few nights in a row with a racing mind, stomachache, and overall fogginess, it’s a clue that it’s time to slow down. Now I know how important it is to listen to my body before it’s too late.


For the first time, in a very long time, my heart has been racing all week. 😨


I used to push through when I felt like this because my to-do list is large, shit needs to get done, and I have due dates.


This is how the old me operated and built my business.


Today—after spending years emotionally and physically recovering from burnout, I choose to approach things differently. Because I don’t want to go back to the debilitating burn out. I don’t want to go back to days where I couldn’t enjoy the fruits of my labor because I was so worn down.


This week I chose to..


♥️ Slow Down

♥️ Reschedule Meetings

♥️ Spend time alone and go inward

♥️ Journal

♥️ Take naturally supporting adrenal tonics and cortisol calm

♥️ Connect with nature

♥️ Enjoy slow mornings with Parker and Maddie

♥️ Book an appointment for a massage and/or acupuncture

♥️ Go to bed early

♥️ Listen to Orin & DaBen meditations

♥️ Do Bob Lancer’s “The Method” on my feelings

♥️ Get out of reactive mode and back into strategy and organization

♥️ Restructure my to-do list and change the due dates to work with me, not against


So I can reflect and enjoy the truth without distraction! 🥰


  • Boston Business Women is growing by leaps and bounds! It’s so rewarding to be serving over 1,400 women in our Inner Circle & VIP Membership Programs. 💗


  • It’s exciting to see my company, Moroccan Magic, continue to grow and expand to new retailers around the nation, and into Canada and the UK.


  • Coachspace 2.0 is really coming together and it’s amazing to pop into the backend to see all of the coaching sessions taking place each week on Even while we are still in beta! 🎉


  • I have THREE masterclasses and online courses set to release this Fall/Winter (maybe Spring due to my current stress levels. 😭)


  • And there are so many big, exciting projects in the works!


It’s been a lot of work, and we have more to do.


After building our business, it’s clear that it can be expensive to scale.


But…I like to build businesses profitably, not quickly. 👀


And now I know, slow and steady always wins the race. Even though when you’re first starting out, you just want to see the growth! 🤣


All of my companies have scaled profitably and grown year over year, even through a pandemic, for over 7 years now.


As entrepreneurs, it’s important for us to embrace patience and trust the process. Working ourselves to the bone over the little things prevents us from diving into the big picture—our vision.


Isn’t that the beauty of being a business owner? You get to do it your way, and grow in a way that supports you and your journey in this life. If not, what’s the point of putting ourselves out there?


Joy, patience, and presence it the path to success inward and outward.


I love our Boston Business Women community because we get to share experiences like these & learn from each other. 😁


Take a some time to journal and reflect this week and let us know in the comments or in the group:


✔️ How does stress show up in your body and how do you work with it?
✔️ What are your coping strategies, tools, routines and rituals when it feels like it’s starting to take over?


We are all in this together babes!


Cheers to your success,


Kristina xo

Founder of Moroccan Magic Beauty
and Boston Business Women


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