Motherhood, Shame, and Wanting My Vacation Back

For the moms out there…this one is for YOU.

(And even if you’re not in mom mode, you’ll like this.) 😉


So can we all agree that everyone who said it’s the best, but hardest job you will ever have, was spot on? 😅


Reflecting on my summer vacation to Maine last month, and I have some words of wisdom to share. 


This year’s trip, I spent a total of 2 hours on the dock (my happy place up there), until I heard screaming & crying from the house, which as many of you know, is mom’s sign to return to her duties. 🙆


Before motherhood — just a few months ago — these moments were always mine. To do yoga, to relax, to play aimlessly in the water, and suntan all day long.


As much as I love being needed by Parker, loving and connecting at this level, some days I find myself in a trance, like a deer in the headlights, with how overwhelming small task can become. I mean, I’m protecting the life of my little baby human here! 😳😳


Kristina on dock


So, let’s talk about the isolator of all time. Shame. I love Parker with my entire being, but some days are so hard. I find myself daydreaming about my Maine vacations pre-momma days. And then I feel TERRIBLE, guilty, and ashamed for indulging in the nostalgia. 


I thought…would I let my friend or family member feel this way about themself? No! My feelings are valid, and reminiscing about the past doesn’t take away any ounce of my love and joy for my growing family. I reminded myself IT OKAY. 


I know so many of you can relate, this is your permission to honor the emotions that come up.


You don’t need to feel ashamed for…

♥️ Needing a break

♥️ Reminiscing about how life was before children

♥️ Not enjoying all the moments

♥️ Breaking down

♥️ Asking for help


Or any other false stories we create for ourselves.


👉 We are human beings before we are wives, parents, or friends. 


And so…I look forward to the summers when Parker is jumping off the dock, having conversations over breakfast about plans for the day, and I’m the one waking him up in the morning to jump in the lake with me. 😂 


Until then, I’m going to keep the perspective that motherhood is a journey. Every mood, every stage, and every aspect of our journeys is only temporary & rapidly changing.


As I sign off this morning, my hope for you in business, family, and personal life, is that you get all the support you need. And if you don’t—that’s what our community is here for! 


As a lot of people told me when I had Parker, it takes a village to raise a child. I couldn’t help but feel the same way about entrepreneurship. Asking for advice, lending a hand, and just being there is a great way to move forward today. 💕


Cheers to your success,

Kristina xo

Founder of Moroccan Magic
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