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By: Elizabeth Pehota, Reporter/Host for New England Revolution

Think five months back… Date night with your significant other was usually going out to dinner or staying in to watch a movie. It was usually the same, with a different setting. Months at home has forced couples to channel creativity when it comes to spending quality time together so that each night isn’t rinse and repeat while binge watching your favorite TV show. While society is slowly reopening, if you are looking for ways to still have fun at home with your significant other, these date night options are for you!


Here’s a few ideas to get creative with your loved one:


1.) Cocktail challenge

Put you bartending skills to the test! Have each person write down what type of drink they are craving, and task the other to make the drink. For example, if you said you wanted a bubbly cocktail that was fruity, your significant other would use the ingredients you have around to craft a beverage that meets that description, and vice versa. It’s a fun way to mix it up (yes, that’s a mixologist pun).


2.) Recipe adventure

Everyone has their go-to dishes that they make, and some people prefer to not cook at all. However, this is your time to heat things up in the kitchen! Have each person bring three recipes to the table that you wouldn’t typically make, and pick one to go all in on. For example, you could try making your favorite Italian dish you get in Boston’s North End, sweet potato gnocchi. It might take a while to make your meal, but exploring a new recipe together is a fun way to work as a team and try something totally new, and out of your comfort zone. Who knows, it could even become one of your future specialties!

3.) Create a surprise scavenger hunt

The surprise scavenger hunt requires some planning, but yes, it’s worth it. Hide clues throughout your house or your apartment for your significant other to find. You can make the clues cute by making them rhyme or adding in sentimental photos. Have each clue lead to the next, until you reach wherever the final one is located. The prize is your choice! It could be their favorite bottle of scotch, a nice card you wrote them or anything in between. It’s the thought that counts, and putting in effort to write and hide clues shows you’re looking to keep them on their toes.

4.) Outdoor picnic for two

Grab a blanket, a cooler and pack up a romantic dinner for two to have outdoors. You can make sandwiches, pasta salad, brownies or whatever your favorite dishes are to share and enjoy them in front of a beautiful sunset. Take the picnic to your backyard, eat on your local beach, or any romantic location you can find. You can add candles and little accents to even up the romance.

If you’re looking to get extra creative, you can have the scavenger hunt lead to a note saying that a picnic is awaiting your significant other in the back yard!

5.) Themed date

Remember when people would go to themed parties? Well, take that same concept and make it a party of two! It can be a throwback 90’s date where you both dress the part, a night inspired by your favorite artist with outfits you’d wear to their concert and then blast their music. Try a baseball themed date where you have hotdogs and wear your favorite team’s colors, or any other creative ideas you can think of. The possibilities are endless!

6.) Workout date

If you enjoy fitness, take a workout class together! Pick a yoga, barre or HIIT workout and get ready to sweat! There are so many virtual class options that you can choose from, including classes offered by local fitness instructors. If classes aren’t your cup of tea, go on a long walk together. Try to get outside, move and get your endorphins going. You can even end your workout date with a homemade smoothie to have a sweet finish to the fun.

6.) Sentimental Memory Lane

This date will give you all the feels. Each come to your date night with three of your favorite memories, and if you can, an item associated with each. For example, it could be a movie stub you saved from your first date, a birthday card that you saved from your significant other or a photo from one of your favorite vacations together. Anything that feels special, bring it to the table. Talk about each memory on the date and it will be sure to remind you of all the wonderful reasons you love each other, while cherishing each memory even deeper.

7.) Wine tasting

Wishing you were wine tasting in Napa? Have your own wine tasting at home! Pick a few favorite varieties of wine and sample a few small servings. Pair each wine with a food. It doesn’t necessarily have to be charcuterie style with cheese, crackers and grapes. You can get creative! If you have a sweet wine, get creative with what tasty treats might be in your kitchen. After you’ve finished pick your favorite pairing as the winner!

8.) Get crafty

This one can be fun! It’s like the idea of a paint night out, but at home! Have some fun researching what type of crafts you want to do: water color painting, knitting, sketching, acrylic painting, flower pressing. There are so many options! After you’ve picked your medium, watch YouTube videos on how to do the craft if you aren’t well versed. It’s amazing the type of inspiration and direction you can find from research! Then, let your creative juices flow when you’re creating your artwork. You may surprise yourself and learn you have a new skill!

Get ready to switch it up! Any of these ideas will be sure to bring a smile to your significant other’s face, and will help to strengthen your relationship with creative, quality time together.

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