Five Ways to Stay Motivated While Working from Home

By: Elizabeth Pehota, Reporter/Host for New England Revolution


For some people, working from home is a regular practice. For others, this is new uncharted territory. Whether it’s a staple for you or a new challenge, working remotely is as productive as you are willing to make it.


Here are a few best practices for working from home.

1. Create a dedicated workspace

Set up a space that is solely dedicated to working. This simulates the feeling of walking into your office building. When you come to this dedicated area, it’s time to work. It’s a mental trigger that will help you focus to get your work done. This space helps to eliminate distractions, and allows you to be more productive. Your work area is your fortress and you are the BOSS.


2. Make a to-do list


Maybe it’s old fashioned, but there is something extremely rewarding about crossing an item off of a to-do list. Write down the items you know you want to accomplish for the day. Having those goals in front of you keeps them at the top of your mind.


3. Stick to a routine


Everyone has a typical routine when going into the office. When you work from home, try to keep some of that normalcy. Wake up at the same time, and use it productively! Take the time that you would commute and put it to good use. Get a jump-start on your first project for the day, use it to get in a workout. This will allow you to also re-integrate back into your schedule of going into the office very easily.


Pro tip: Make your bed in the morning before you start your day. It signals to your mind that it’s time to wake up and get started with your day, and also ensures that you won’t crawl back into bed.


4. Dress the part


What clothing makes you feel your best? Is it a pair of leggings? Wearing your favorite blazer? Your most comfortable sweatshirt? Everyone has their own personal preference. Wear what makes you FEEL strong. If that’s putting on exactly what you would wear to work, then go for it. If it’s wearing a comfy sweater that makes you want to cross every item off of your to-do list, that’s what you should put. It’s all about personal preference, but wear what makes you feel EMPOWERED.



5. Embrace technology


Working from home can be done effectively because we live in a digitally savvy age. Take advantage of the technology around you. There are so many innovative tools that can be used to hold successful work meetings via video such as Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. You can also use innovative business tools such as Slack, GroupMe and DropBox that allow you to easily communicate and share content effectively.


You can also use these technologies to stay in touch with your friends! Embrace FaceTime to touch base with people you care about in your lives. Keeping up your relationships will help you feel upbeat, social and maintain a sense of social normalcy in your day-to-day life.


6. Communicate


It’s so important to make sure you communicate while working remotely. Communication is relatively seamless in an office setting when you are sitting next to your boss or your team. When working from home, continue these practices. Regularly check in with your team on deliverables to ensure everyone is on the same page and updated on the progress of projects.


Use these six simple practices to elevate your productivity. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and integrating work from home practices can help you become even more of a boss than you thought possible.





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