Finding Unity in our Communities

By: Elizabeth Pehota, Reporter/Host for New England Revolution

Unity. Spirit. Belief. These are pillars of how people should always live.


While the globe is experiencing an unprecedented, tragic time during the spread of the coronavirus, it’s vital that people hold onto these pillars and look for ways to build each other up while practice social distancing. A good deed, a single phone call, an act of kindness can go a long way in a time where the immediate future is so uncertain.


One thing we do know though, is that this too shall pass.


Here are a few positive stories from around the world to help lift your spirits and remember to treat others kindly, even if you’re at least six feet apart.


A young athlete named Rebecca Mehra went to the grocery store, and had an unexpected surprise. Her quick shopping trip turned into a selfless good deed, as an elderly couple who was concerned about going into the grocery store asked for her help. They handed her a $100 bill and a grocery list, and asked if she could deliver them their groceries.


The young woman made a huge impact on this couple, and has been an inspiration for all to do good in their communities. Her actions went viral on social media, and have been picked up by national outlets such as CNN and Fox News. LINK TO STORY  |  LINK TO VIRAL TWEET



True love trumps all, always.


The coronavirus has led to many people unable to see their loved ones who are in nursing homes, hospitals, and medical units where extra precautions need to be taken to keep patients and the elderly safe.


However, even with these measures in place, they couldn’t stop a Connecticut native from connecting with his wife who lives in a nursing home on their anniversary.


The husband held a sign outside of her window that said “I’ve loved you for 67 years, and still do. Happy Anniversary.” The wife responded by waving and blowing kisses.


It will make your heart melt. It’s the kind of true love everyone is searching for.


Italy has been the country hit hardest by the coronavirus to-date. While the country is on full lockdown, many Italians have come together by separately gathering on their balconies to unite and sing songs together.


The sweet melodies have taken place in Sicily, Siena, Naples, Turin and more. LINK TO STORY.



Music is a way to help people feel connected, and in this tough time, it’s a way to unite while practicing social distancing.


All sports are at a standstill during the coronavirus outbreak, highlighted by the NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS. Without games being played many stadium employees are unable to work.


On a large scale, many major league sports professional athletes and organizations have pledged to help support those workers who can’t do these jobs while play is suspended.


This includes stars like Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers). Giannis Antetokoumpo (Milwaukee Bucks), Zion Williamson (New Orleans Pelicans), the Lakers organization and more.


Follow Kevin on Instagram   |   Follow Giannis on Twitter!   |   Follow Zion on Instagram!


Even on a small scale, neighbors look for ways to help each other.


A woman tweeted that her elderly neighbor was self-isolating, and as a result two children in her neighborhood put on a concert for her.


Large businesses such as Whole Foods Market, Amazon, Walmart, Bank of America and Target are providing their employees with additional wages and/or bonuses as they provide essential goods.


That means an additional +$2/hour for Whole Foods Market workers.  Target hourly employees are also getting increased pay.  Walmart has hired 150,000 additional workers and is providing $550 million worth of cash bonuses to its employees. Amazon is raising pay for warehouse and delivery workers, as well as hiring an additional 100,000 warehouse workers. Banking is considered an essential service, and Bank of America is boosting pay for tellers by $400 a month and is cutting their hours.


The moral of the story is everyone can make a difference on some level. Support each other! Buy products and gift-cards from local businesses. Call friends and family who you want to check in on. You could even sing a song for your grandparents over the phone.


Practice social distancing!

There is good in the world. Even with these unforeseen circumstances, you just have to have your eyes open to see it, and your heart open to pass it along.  American will rise to the challenge and overcome it together.  You can see it happening right now!

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