Do The Unstoppable: Be Bold, Be You.

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Do The Unstoppable: Be Bold, Be You.

Let’s be honest… We all get knocked down in life. It happens. Yet people don’t always recognize is that it is not these shortcomings that define you, but rather how you choose to come back from them. Failure allows us to learn how to live life, grow and evolve as individuals.


That’s only one takeaway from our Boston Business Women Be Bold Conference in May, where the sold out event gathered over 900 professionals to engage in stories about being bold, throughout your career and all aspects of your life.


Our Boston Business Women Founder Kristina Tsipouras kicked off the conference with some early words of wisdom. “You can shift your circumstances. We are in control of our lives,” she said.


So how do you do change your life? Well, that’s where the inspiration of this year’s conference theme “Be Bold” really resonated.

“Being bold to me really means taking control of your life, of your body, of your health, of your mental health,” said speaker Elizabeth Goodman-Artis, the Editor in Chief of SHAPE Magazine. “It’s really understanding who you are and what makes you great.”

You have to use yourself and who you are to your advantage. Success doesn’t just come by chance. It happens by making the personal decision to be bold and putting in hard work to take charge of how you want to live your life.


International Supermodel Candice Huffine expressed a similar sentiment. When Candice was only 15 years old, she made the boldest decision of her career.  She had the opportunity to achieve her lifelong dream of being signed as a model. She had two paths to choose from to make her dream come true: Sign as a regular model and change her lifestyle all together, or sign as a plus size model. Candice felt confident in making the decision to do the latter. She never looked back after becoming a plus sized model because it was the path that help her reach her dreams truly as herself while giving her the chance to break norms and change the outlooks of the fashion industry. “Being bold to me means being sure and being confident in your choice in knowing what’s right for you and never faltering from that,” said Candice.

Activist and breast cancer survivor and conference speaker Ericka Hart echoed Candice’s statement.

“Being bold to me means existing in your truth, and being unwavering and unapologetic about that, “says Ericka.

Never wavering means being able to trust yourself. It means knowing who you are and what makes you great. Keynote speaker Suzy Batiz, Founder and CEO of Poo-Pourri, said that you have to realize you have a super power inside of you. “I have my intuition and that’s more than anyone else knows,” says Suzy. “If you have that inspired idea, that idea found you because you are the perfect person to actually bring it into the world. You can do it.”


All of these boss ladies let our audience know that they have the power to be bold. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh also took the stage as the only male speaker at the conference. He told us behind the scenes that the be bold theme to him means, “having confidence in your own abilities.”


These incredible speakers taught us that success is not a clean-cut path, and you have to be willing to trust yourself as you are breaking boundaries along the way. You should never be afraid to make mistakes. Failing is a part of becoming successful, because everything you learn from shortfalls teaches you how to be stronger. Do not sell yourself short. You know what’s best for you, and you should never let anyone else tell you otherwise. Trust your intuition and let it guide you. It’s up to you to be bold unleash your potential, and carry this mentality with you each and every day.


“Don’t overthink your dreams. If you know what you want to be and you know that you can be it, stop at nothing,” said Candice.


Be bold. Be you. Be unstoppable.



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Interview with Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh:

Special thanks to our Boston Business Women contributor, Elizabeth Pehota!
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