BOLD Style Strategies: Building Your Look for the Conference and Beyond

Boston Business Women  Boston Business Women Conference   BOLD Style Strategies: Building Your Look for the Conference and Beyond

BOLD Style Strategies: Building Your Look for the Conference and Beyond

Get ready, get dressed – it’s time to CELEBRATE how adventurous, confident, strong, enterprising, brave and BOLD you are!  Next Wednesday, May 17th the second annual Boston Business Women’s Conference will welcome more than 1,000 fearless females for a day overflowing with striking stories and profound inspiration.


We all know the feeling of seeing a woman in an outfit so fabulous you want to run up to her and introduce yourself – this is a day to capitalize on the opportunity to take risks with your ensemble.  BE BOLD AND BE THAT WOMAN who is wearing something so cool, everyone wants to talk to her!


Open yourself to options and let your personality shine through sartorial expression because there is no formal dresscode for the conference.  Distressed jeans, a dainty dress, printed pants, monochromatic white, a ruffled blouse, sneaker loafers, stillettos – start considering now what you think you want to wear for a day that involves time being seated, networking and shopping amongst our 40 vendors.

5 Style Strategies


Layers – in a room full of so many people, the thermostat tends to hover on the “refreshing” range.  Be prepared with a light jacket or blazer; a scarf for good measure can add an extra bit of pop while also combating the chill.


Accessories – clothes set the tone; accessories do the talking.

Throw on those statement earrings, bust out that amazing necklace you never get a chance to wear, slip on that artisan bracelet, transfer everything into that jazzy bag you love so much – a confident swagger will surely ensue.


Activities – consider that you will be seated at a table for a large portion of the day.  There will also be networking and shopping; for enrolled members, we have also a special lounge.


Formality – play with it, mix it up; go for something fancy and pair it with a less formal piece.  That fun dress you wore to a wedding 4 years ago and loved?  Try it with a denim jacket and sneakers.  Can your favorite jeans get dressed up with fancy shoes and a neck scarf?


Personality – dress for who you are.  Shine your light in the BOLDest possible way!

The best part is, the ideal place to shop is your own closet.  Your brand, both personal and professional, exists right there where you can see it and it’s begging to be put on display.  It doesn’t matter if your BOLD duds are new or old, a splurge or clearance item, fashion forward or retro, what matters is how the outfit makes you FEEL.  Go for BOLD!

To start planning your outfit, check out H.GrantStyle’s 3 Antidotes blog for simple yet sensational tips that will help you assemble an effortless ensemble for the conference and beyond.

Regardless of what you wear, wear it with confidence and you will be BOLD no matter what.  Words to live by on May 17th and always.

Helena Grant launched the Boston-based personal styling company H.GrantStyle to help women build empowering wardrobes.  Always ready to talk style, look for her at the Sheraton wearing a one-shouldered cocktail dress and kitten heels.

Get the community and connection you crave at the BE BOLD Conference.  Buy your pass here!

Special thanks to our guest contributor, Marcia Wagner. The Wagner Law Group is also a BE BOLD Conference partner. You can connect with them and learn more about their brand at our event in Boston this spring!
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  • Jamie Cholaki
    May 16, 2017

    Great tips! Can’t wait for the be bold conference! Personally I’m going to mix it up I’m going to be bold and mix patterns! Stripes & Leopard print

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