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What are your broad principles for success? Marcia Wagner of Wagner Law Group shared a few of her guiding values with us.

These are just some of the principles she uses to light her way as a high-powered, and powerful, businesswomen.

Marcia will also be at our BE BOLD Conference in May to share more about her story, her mission, and her insights for other Boston businesswomen who want to generate more success in their work and their lives.

Have a Sense of Purpose

Marcia finds strength and the source of her success in her spirituality. “The will and ability to work, the passion, the sense of mission come from God and his grace,” she says.

It doesn’t matter what you practice or what particular faith you follow. What’s critical is to have sense of purpose and a reason for building something great.

Do Good, Be Good

“Try to be better than you are – then you will become this person,” says Marcia. She says that if you act into what you want to be, even if you have to fake or force it to get started and despite how difficult it is or how much you don’t like it.. then you will become what you want to be.

“Act good, act caring, act compassionate — and voila, you are these things!” she says.

Charity Is Powerful

Try to be charitable with no ulterior motive. Don’t look to get something back. And believe in what you do.

“It is true that as you give, you shall receive, but you cannot do that with the intention and expectation of receiving anything,” Marcia advises.

Love Your Family

Family is all that matters in the end.  “Many look at me and see me as successful,” Marcia explains “but with all that I have accomplished and all that I have done, nothing matters more to me than my wonderful children.”

Money Is a Tool

To be successful, you need to understand that money is essential in this world. That being said, it’s also important to remember:

  • Money isn’t permanent
  • Money ebbs and it flows
  • Money very hard to cling to

There’s no reason to be miserly, or to worship money as the solution to all problems. “Use money as a tool for good,” says Marcia. “It can do great and wonderful things if used correctly.

Be Courageous

Marcia states it plainly: “Fear is an anathema. It is a cancer, it will make you do and say things reflexively and poorly.”

Fear is not good. It’s difficult to speak up and stay true to yourself (and to stick to what you know is true about goodness and success, too).

But you will always have your reputation and yourself in the end. Always strive to be brave, to be strong, to have courage and faith.

Know When To Defend Yourself

From time to time, we have to fight. Do it. Know when to stand up for yourself, and be bold in making a stand when it’s important to you.

Don’t Give Up On Love

Love is eternal, universal and it is everywhere.

People will hurt you in life and it is unfair, but don’t become jaded or cynical.

Remember that you are loved. Put love into the world in return.

Be Happy

Happiness is always a choice. You have the power to decide how you feel. You only have one life. Spend your time being happy.

These principles for success may sound overwhelming to try and do all at once, but there are practical ways that you can implement them in your daily life.

Here’s what you need to remember and practice:

  1. There is absolutely, positively no substitute for hard work.
  2. Take responsibility for your life and your projects with no laziness, no excuses, and no blaming others.
  3. You are not an island. You need people around you to help you.  Appreciate them (and motivate them, too, like they motivate you).
  4. Have and stick to high standards.
  5. If you are wrong, apologize, fix it, take responsibility and move on.
  6. Fix little problems before they become big problems.
  7. Ask for the business, earn it, add value, and be the best.
  8. Have the courage to be flexible.
  9. The struggle up is hard and it can take a toll on your physical and mental health and on your family and on your marriage. Deal with and try to mitigate the worst excesses.  Treat yourself with a kind discipline.

There really is no such thing as a perfect work-life balance. When under stress, tap into your spirituality for a solution, ask your partner, family, and friends for forgiveness --<br /> and forgive yourself for your own human weakness. Treat yourself with compassion.

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Special thanks to our guest contributor, Marcia Wagner. The Wagner Law Group is also a BE BOLD Conference partner. You can connect with them and learn more about their brand at our event in Boston this spring!
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