The Secret Ingredient to Success & Happiness that you may be Missing

Boston Business Women  Inspiration   The Secret Ingredient to Success & Happiness that you may be Missing

The Secret Ingredient to Success & Happiness that you may be Missing

No matter what world you come from, or what you do for a living, the point is that you create your own reality. If you believe you have to work your ass off to be successful, than this will be true for you. If you believe that light hearted, enjoyable work for a few hours a day is more fitting for you and will create greater success, then this will become true as well.

I have been fortunate enough to have found great success in my career and in all areas of my life at a young age. So many people now praise me, follow me on instagram @busygirlboston, and become my consulting clients on Busy Girl Daily. They all say: “Kristina, you are such an inspiration! How do you do it all? How did you get published? How did you get Arianna Huffington to be the keynote speaker at your conference? How did you get your product, Moroccan Magic Lip Balm into Whole Foods?” Although, my ego gets excited when I hear things like this, I come back to reality when I break down my “secret to success”. It is very simple and practical knowledge and the key to getting what you want out of life. So again, I remind you that you only get in life what you ask for. How did I get published? I looked up the publishers email address, sent them my story and asked them to publish me! How did I get Arianna Huffington to be the keynote speaker for my conference? I started digging on that fabulous thing we call (the world wide web) and found her information. So what did I do with it? I emailed her and asked her to come speak at my Boston Business Women’s conference! Hopefully you start to see the pattern here.

It isn’t because I am special, or better than my peers, it is because I have that same courage that I did when I was a five year old girl asking my Mother for a second serving of ice-cream. I never let that little girl and that courage and curiosity inside me die. This same “secret recipe to success” also goes for happiness, successful friendships, marriages and building the life of your dreams. I watched my parents 27 year marriage dwindle after a long game of passive aggressiveness. If only they had the courage to actually tell each other what they want, maybe they would still be together today!

So starting today, I challenge you to take back your power. Find that little girl inside of you. The one who was curious and was courageous enough to ask for what she wanted and bring her back to life!

Try it today with something small. Does your boyfriend suggest Chinese food for dinner but you are really craving Italian? Ask him, can we get Italian food tonight and Chinese food later this week? Do you want to be aknowledged or recognized for something that you have accomplished? Well, go tell the world. Shout it from the roof tops! Or email the editor of your local paper, sit back and watch how easy it is to start getting what you ask for. Don’t be mistaken though, this isn’t about ego or showing off. This is about learning, as women that power isn’t handed to us, it is taken. So if you are being overpowered at work and want that one-on-one time with your boss, or to take the lead on the next project, ask for it, stay humble, and kick some ass!

Author:  Kristina Tsipouras, Founder of Boston Business Women, CEO of Moroccan Magic, Founder of Busy Girl Daily

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