6 Tips to Health

6 Tips to Health

HOT GINGER – Try replacing that extra cup of coffee with a cup of ginger  tea.  Ginger is natural anti-inflammatory, can soothe stomach pains, and aid with digestion.  From a chinses perspective it helps generate “yang energy” which means warming energy, this will help fuel your energy for the day.

LEMON WATER – Lemon is a natural Liver detoxifier.  The liver is an important organ in which is responsible for cleansing your blood every 6 mins, so its important to support it as  much as possible..  A natural way to gently support your liver is to have 20 ounces of lemon water daily first thing in the morning . In the fall if you tend to run cold, try it with warm water or coming it with your ginger tea.., The warm water will make it more enjoyable.

Before the emails, kids, or the news; set an intention for your day.

COOKED AN SEASONAL VEGETABLES INSTEAD OF RAW – In Chinese medicine raw vegetables are cold. You do not eat anything cold including raw vegetable when its cold out. It creates an imbalance in the body.  Cooked vegetables are easier for the the body to digest.

SUPPLEMENT D – If you live in Massachusetts you most likely need Vitamin D. Did you know vitamin is important not only for your mood but also for your immune system ? Make sure as the days get darker that you get a good source of vitamin D.

ACUPUNCTURE –  If you do not regularly receive acupuncture, the times when its most important are with the changes in season.  Changes of season are  stressful on your  body during especially going from warm to cold. Acupuncture will help relieve stress, boost your immunity, and make the transition for you easier.

RE-CLAIM YOUR MORNING – Before the emails, kids,  or the news;  set an intention for your day. Take 10-20 deep breaths and while doing so reflect on:

1) 3 simple things you are grateful for. Hopefully things that makes your smile.

2) 3 things you would like to accomplish for the day,

3) what traits you want to cultivate ..saying them to yourself or out loud. This is called an affirmation. for example, “ I am productive , generous, and calm”.

This a way to set your day off right,  minimizing stress, which will increase your immunity.


Author:  Anna Israel, Boston Acupuncturist

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