5 Tips to Higher Productivity that You Can Act on Right NOW!

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5 Tips to Higher Productivity that You Can Act on Right NOW!

COMMIT TO A SYSTEM – the best way to improve productivity, be it in your life, career, or business, is to set up system to help you achieve your goals. Productivity systems are personal, but no need to re-invent the wheel – it’s well worth spending some time learning about different systems to pick the one that suits your strengths and needs. Some of my favorite productivity systems resources include: David Allen’s Getting Things Done, the Pomodoro Technique, Bullet Journaling, Michael Hyatt’s Living Forward, and Chalene Johnson’s 30-Day Push. Do a little bit of research, pick one, and commit to at least one month of following a system to the letter. If you hate it, and you aren’t moving forward – choose a different one!

GET EVERYTHING ON PAPER – almost every productivity system focuses on getting your goals and intentions clearly written out. Somehow though, perhaps because it seems too simple, this is one of the easiest things to skip. You can improve your productivity at this very moment – take 10 minutes (right after you read this email), to pick an area you are struggling in or stalled, and write out how you imagine your project going well, what is blocking you at the moment, and the 5 next smallest steps to get you moving.

Eat that frog!

EAT THAT FROG! – ever feel like you’ve spent the day working on a million things, and haven’t actually accomplished anything? In Brian Tracy’s international best-seller ‘Eat That Frog’ – a book I highly recommend – “eating the frog” is working to accomplish your biggest, most important task first. Every day I ask myself – what is the most important task I need to complete – and attack that before procrastination kicks in.

PENCIL IT IN –  if you want to get something done, make the commitment to do it! Rather than just scheduling meetings and project due dates, set aside regular time in your calendar for planning, organizing, and updating your high level systems. This is just as effective for your work-life balance if you find yourself lacking – while you are at your calendar, schedule in your workouts, date night, and time spent with friends to help stick with your personal commitments.

BEING STRESSED IS NOT HEROIC – we’re not talking about the little bit of stress that lights your fire. I’m talking about chronic stress and busy-ness that pervades our culture. Make the time to relax, calm your brain, and recharge. Make the intention to schedule your next vacation. If that’s terrifying because you’ve been chronically busy for too long, commit to a 15 minute walk outdoors today outside of your normal routine.

Author:  Sam Teckeff

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