5 Tips to Personal Development

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5 Tips to Personal Development

BECOME YOUR #1 PRIORITY – Make your own development your number 1 priority and know that by doing that, the people in your life will benefit too.  Your work, your children, your partner and friends will all benefit from a stronger you.

ENJOY THE JOURNEY – If there’s anything that should come in the instruction manual for personal development it should be this written in big bold letters.  Find the enjoyment in doing the most simple of things.  The small things are the big things.

The small things on your journey, ARE the big things. Remember that.

COMMIT – Commitment and consistency are crucial in developing anything, a product, a company,  or your self.   Create an action plan of small, achievable goals and realize that the journey of personal development doesn’t have an end, it’s lifelong.  So take your time moving forward, but keep moving forward.
APPRECIATE YOUR PROGRESS – Measure progress against where you were before, not where you want to be.   Shift your perspective to see the great strides you’ve made versus the distance you have to your goal.

VISUALIZE YOUR DREAM LIFE -Once you realize that YOU are in charge of where your life is going and you start to see where you want to be, you can start to lead yourself there.  Your dreams WILL become a reality if you spend your life walking towards them.


Author:  Kimberly Osborne, Director of Operations & Brand Manager for Boston Business Women, Founder of Osborne Design, Principal of Kimberly Mae Photography

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