5 Tips to a Healthy Work/Life Balance During the Holidays

Boston Business Women  Tips & Tricks   5 Tips to a Healthy Work/Life Balance During the Holidays

5 Tips to a Healthy Work/Life Balance During the Holidays

MAKE A MASTER PLAN  – Be sure to schedule only the most important meetings, that can’t wait until next week, in the days leading up to any holiday. Set up your day planner with important events and dinners and don’t forget time to grocery shop, gift shop and SLEEP!

MAKE YOUR TRAVEL PLANS EARLY – Don’t let let procrastination take hold.  You’ll end up blowing your holiday budget on airfare. Make a plan, book it, and be done with it.

SHOP SOONER + SMARTER – A strategic plan is going to make your life easier so, like Santa, you need to make a list, check it twice and do some online research to figure out the best single gifts to give rather than picking out a bunch of random “stuff”. Shopping online is a life saver.  If you have no idea what get?  Always go with a gift card.  People love to shop on someone else’s dime.

'Tis the season to give and be happy, not be stressed!

DON’T BE AFRAID TO SAY NO – During the holiday’s there are so many events: social obligations, visits to family etc. not to mention trying not to get buried under a mountain of work in the office.  It’s okay if you can’t make it to every event and visit everyone on your Christmas list in person.  Your time matters and your holiday happiness and wellness matters even more.  Be sure and prioritize the ‘must-do’s’ over the ‘would-be-nice-if-I- could’s’ and go from there.  Mail your gifts if a visit is impossible.  Say no to one of the two galas and plan less important work to complete early in the New Year.

SMILE – Smiling is scientifically proven to reduce stress and actually makes you HAPPIER!   The holidays are meant to be FUN.  And with as many stressful things that can come up throughout this season with family feuds, gift buying, financial worry, shorter days and snowy New England roads, always remember to SMILE and maybe your stress level will go down and your holidays will be a little merrier. Also of note?  A smile looks way better on you in a photo that will inevitably end up on social media for the world to see.


Author:  Kimberly Osborne, Director of Operations & Brand Manager for Boston Business Women, Founder of Osborne Design, Principal of Kimberly Mae Photography

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